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› Selecting & Sorting Favorites

In order for us to create a slideshow in your desired order, you simply need to follow these steps:

1) First, click 'Select'. On the left of the screen, choose 'All' to select all photos.

2) Click "Add to Favorites."

3) Navigate to the favorites folder by clicking the "My Selections" link in the top left corner of your screen.

4) Drag and drop photos in proper sequence

5) Click "Send To" followed by Photographer and follow the instructions to share your selections with us.


Sorting Favorites I

Sorting Photos & Favorites

Sorting Favorites II

Sorting II

› Sharing Photos & Privacy

You may either share photos on this site directly via the 'SHARE' button or alternatively by sharing the link to your favorites gallery.

It is important to note that friends can access the entire folder of any photo you share. They can't navigate to the main folder or any other folder. However, the immediate folder containing the shared photo could currently be accessed.

If you need certain photos reorganized to their own folder, let us know. You can always download or use your disc to share a specific image directly.